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 Frequently asked questions about Pro Pumps
Q: My pump is making a grinding noise can it be repaired?
A: Noise is a good thing when it comes to pumps usually they can be repaired when they don’t move at all is when your chances of repairing the pumps or motors drop

Q: My pump does not turn on at all what do I do?
A: Check if the pump or motor is getting power by checking your breakers or shut offs if you have power you need to call someone for service

Q: I have sewage backing up in the basement what should I do?
A: Check if you have power sometimes the float mechanism is not working see if you have a bypass if your not sure call our offices and ask to speak to a pump technician. We will try to walk you threw it over the phone if not we will send a truck out and provide you with a temporary solution until we repair your pump.

Q: Do I need to service my pumps on a regular basis?
A: Some pumps need to be lubricated on a regular basis others are maintenance free. But you do need to keep the area clean and dust free. If you are doing construction in the area make sure that you protect your pumps and motors. If you have a sewage pit they need to be cleaned as needed in accordance to usage.

Q: What is the difference between a sump pump and a sewage ejector pump?
A: A sump pump is designed for clean water such as rain or run off water the pump is not designed to remove any solid waste. A sewage ejector pump has a larger pipe outlet and is designed to remove solid waste. If you have a sewage ejector pump that needs to be services on a regular basis you might want to consider a grinder pump which does just that it grinds the solid waste before it ejects it out the discharge pipe.

Q: If I have lack of water pressure on upper floor is my pump undersized?
A: Not necessarily it could be that the pump needs to be serviced. But our team of experts will evaluate at no charge the usage needs of your building at both low and high peak times.

Q: It takes a long time to get hot to the apartments is it the pump?
A: It could be the pump but often it could be a check valve on the system or other factors that could create hot and cold water mixing in the risers. It would be best if one of our technicians would look at your entire building and come to a determination of what the problem is. Remember your pump is not always to blame.

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