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 Welcome to Pro Pump
Pro Pumps of New York City is a leading service provider for commercial, industrial, and emergency pump repair. We specialize in sewage pumps, booster pumps, cooling tower pumps, roof tank pumps and chiller pumps. We carry brand name pumps by manufacturers such as Federal Pumps, Little Giant pumps, AP Aurora pumps, Armstrong pumps, Taco pumps, and Bell & Gosset pumps. We’re a professional pump repair service provider, not just some run of the mill plumbing company. Our specialized knowledge about industrial pumps and commercial pumps is what sets us apart from the competition. Learn more about the pump services we offer below:

Pro Pumps NYC has a plumbing pump service center that is fully equipped with sophisticated, state-of-the art tools and equipment to meet any challenge that comes through our doors. We specialize in Sewage pump repair in New York, booster pump repair, circulation pumps, cooling tower pump repair, New York roof tank repairs, and chiller pump repairs in NYC.
Our pump sales in NYC have been providing pump parts in NYC for over 50 years. All of our pump products are sophisticated, efficient, and durable. We provide pump parts and sales for booster pumps, tank pumps, circulation pumps, and even tower pumps. Our technologically advanced pumps in NYC are the best cost-efficient pumps on the market today.
We employ experienced full-time New York pump installation crews whose sole job is the installation, service and testing of pumps and water systems. We are a NYC pump authorized installation group that practices safety and quality service when it comes to installing pumps in your residence or business. Make sure to come to us when you need pumps installed anywhere in NYC.
Types of Industrial Pumps and Parts we service, repair, and sell:
Booster Pumps – Our booster pumps are designed to raise/boost water pressure by being installed in the water supply line where pressure already exists.

Cooling Pumps - A water cooling pump is a crucial element of any water cooling setup.  We provide you with the perfect cooling pump that fits your plumbing specifications.

Sewage Pumps - A sewage pump has one job and one job only — to move solids and liquids between locations and our quality pumps don’t fail.

Roof Tank Pumps - A roof-level tank is used to supply water for kitchen and bathroom faucets, showers, toilets, dishwashers, and washing machines. It also supplies water when needed to a building's closed-loop heating system.

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